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Our Founder

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Matthew Munet

Matthew Munet is the founder and President of Aurum Wealth Strategies, a holistic wealth management firm. He founded the company based on the premise that he and his staff would provide the upmost care, expertise, and clarity for clients who want a more catered financial planning experience. Matthew leans on his Economic’s background and vast knowledge in the field of wealth management to keep his clients ahead of the changing financial and economic landscape.

Early on in his wealth management career, Matthew realized that the value-add process, plan monitoring, and client experience was slow to adapt to the growing needs of the retail and institutional client. Since Aurum’s inception, Matthew and his team have strived to create a unique and fundamental approach to the financial planning process to each individual, family, and business owner.

When Matthew is not with his clients and staff, you may find him enjoying the surf around Venice or indulging in the everyday in n out burger. His interests also include exercising, fishing, watching basketball, and playing water polo in the evenings. He will admit that a balanced lifestyle is a key component that makes him enjoy his professional endeavors for the business and his clients. He hopes that through his firm’s expertise, that his client’s may also enjoy a fulfilling financial and personal lifestyle.